The health of any company requires precise and effective ongoing management of its accounts receivables, cash flow, forecasting and more.

From the implementation of your chart of accounts to your intermediary or year-end closings, we monitor your business closely and provide you with all the essential components you need to anticipate and react when it matters most.

We work with you to analyze the evolution of your numbers, track your cash flow and recommend the ideal approach for each situation.

Depending on your needs, we can implement performance-measurement tools and offer you all the benefits of a clear and efficient analytical accounting system.


Consulting is an integral part of all aspects of our offering, and this is particularly important when implementing or transforming your business structure.

Defining legalities, shareholder agreements and financial and fiscal parameters are all key factors that can influence the progress of your business and results. We provide you with valuable assistance to address all the challenges you may face.


Anticipation is undoubtedly a critical parameter for achieving a tax situation that is fair and balanced.

Our tax specialists establish the forecasts necessary to contain the fiscal impact of your revenues and increase your net profit. Whether you’re a business owner or self-employed, the progress of your business is closely linked to your family and private situation. More than ever, a clear consideration of all your professional and personal parameters is essential.

Mergers, acquisitions and successions

When you’re the head of a company, you need a clear vision of the future, in both the medium and long term.

The growth of your business by merger or acquisition, the total or partial sale of your company, or the prospect of its succession, requires intense preparation and a perfectly objective view of the situation.

We provide you with industry-specific benchmarks, advise you in valuation methods and help you identify opportunities and risks. If you wish, we can accompany you in negotiations and offer you an external analysis, free of any emotional consideration.

Real estate management

Real estate holdings make up a significant share of many asset portfolios. These holdings must be managed and valued in the most effective way possible.

We oversee your properties and ensure they’re managed optimally and always in your best interests.

Our dedicated teams can take care of everything, including solvency checks, lease agreements, inventory reports, maintenance, repairs and tax filings. Whatever the service, you can count on transparency on the profitability of your investments.

Human resources

Depending on the size of your company, implementing an internal HR function can reach beyond your area of expertise and use up resources better spent on value-added tasks.

More than ever, you’re faced with increasingly complex constraints that require a specific type of expertise. Among other things, these include hiring formalities, insurance protocols, tax deductions, wage management and dismissal procedures.

We take care of all common HR-management tasks and, when needed, are able to prepare all declarations and statements related to your personnel and salary costs. All that’s left for you is to hire the talents that bring value to your business and grow your revenue!

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